Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Warrior Must Fight

Warriors aren't really warriors unless they stand up to the enemy. The warrior that always runs from the battle is just a coward wearing armor and carrying a sword.
Saul and the Israelites spent 40 days cowering before Goliath, but David defeated him the day he first heard of him. All it took was a rock and a prayer and a warrior willing to face the giant.
How about you?
What giants are on your battlefield?
What fights have you been putting off for the past 40 days (weeks/months/years)?
Perhaps it's time to...
- start that fast
- pray that prayer
- make that call
- have that talk
- give up that habit
- surrender that will
- face that giant

Monday, January 25, 2010

Draw the Sword or Keep it Sheathed?

Sometimes a warrior must attack with his sword.
Sometimes he just needs to draw it.
Sometimes it's wiser to keep it sheathed.
Occasionally it'd be best to not carry it at all (when visiting a king or president, for example).

How do you think those circumstances apply to Christians today?

Are there times where quoting scripture is a bad idea?

What does Luke 12:11-12 say about this?