Monday, August 31, 2009

Worship Set for 8/30/09

What a privilege it was to minister at Cornerstone in Bedford/Judah yesterday! I am especially honored that Pastor Reynolds trusts me to minister while he's away.

I am sure some of the songs I led were new to the congregation, but I still felt God's presence as we united our voices in praise.

A.M. Worship set:
Offering: Come and Go With Me
Friend of God (Gungor/Houghton)
Mighty Is Our God (Greco/Moen)
Let Everything That Hath Breath (Gary Oliver)
We Fall Down (Chris Tomlin)
Word of God Speak (MercyMe)

P.M. Worship set:
We've Come to Praise Him (Richard Smallwood)
Jesus I'll Never Forget
Look What the Lord Has Done
Nothing's Too Big for My God (Nancy Harmon)
Bless the Lord (Hall/Jarnagin/Sasser)
I Need Thee (Robert Lowry)
Offering: More Than Enough (Gary Oliver)

In the evening service, I got to preach as well. As usual, my message had no title, but I did my best to convey the four (!) statements God wanted me to deliver:

  1. God's Promises are True.
    But to cash in on the Word, we need to know the Word, keep the Word, and obey the Word.
    References: Jn 14:23, Luke 4:18-19 (a word we can claim since we're part of Christ's body, Luke 8 (parable of the sower)
  2. We Need the Holy Ghost
    One reason: To remind us of the Word
    Reference: Jn 14:26
  3. We Need Permanency (in God)
    We need to quit playing around and make up our minds we're sticking with God.
    Reference: Jn 15:7
  4. We Need to Delight in God
    If lack of desire (to live for God) is a problem, we need to delight in God so that He can place new desires in our heart.
    Reference: Ps 37:4

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