Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Wicca in Lebanon, Indiana

While thumbing through the January issue Indianapolis Monthly, I came across the following snippet in the article Airball Awards:

Katherine Gunther, 36, and a few of her Wiccan friends had gathered at Lebanon's Oak Hill Cemetery one full moon in July for a "good luck" ritual. But her fortunes took a turn south when, at the point of the ceremony where she was supposed to plunge a three-foot-long sword into the ground, she instead pierced her foot. Gunther spent a few days in Witham Memorial Hospital recovering from her sudden bout of bad karma.
I've always heard rumors of witchcraft being practiced in our towns, but I've never seen anything about it printed in the press -- until now.

I'd like to say that this incident happened at the same exact time the Holy Ghost began to move at a worship service in one of our PCG churches in Lebanon. I can't.

I can say, however, this is proof that our enemies are praying. Are we praying too?

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