Saturday, October 18, 2008

To Get Through, Make Them Laugh or Cry (or Both)

Here's snippet #6 of my article 7 Ways to Get Through to Your People from the September 2008 issue of Pentecostal Messenger:

6. Make them Laugh or Cry (or Both)

The best stories of all are the ones that connect on an emotional level.

I will never forget hearing evangelist Lorretta Kelley tell of a drowning (and miraculous recovery) that occurred at her birthday party. Mental images and sound bites of the event are burned into my memory as if I was there. I felt fear, helplessness, and frustration at first, followed by relief after God answered prayer.

I will also never forget Dr. Ron Minor recounting a humorous experience as a director at a youth camp. Dr. Minor's laughter is contagious enough on its own, but when the entire congregation is laughing to the point of tears, it's unforgettable.

Gospel/Folk musicians Steve and Annie Chapman excel at emotional connections, especially in concert. Their songs and stories evoke tears, first from laughter, then from sorrow, then laughter again, and nobody who experiences the concert leaves unaffected.

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