Tuesday, October 14, 2008

To Get Through, Delete the Fluff

Here's snippet #2 of my article 7 Ways to Get Through to Your People from the September 2008 issue of Pentecostal Messenger:

2. Delete the Fluff

I've seen preachers waste several minutes droning about how someone else could do a better job and how they hope the audience will get something out of it. I sometimes think if the preacher isn't excited about preaching the message, why should I be excited to hear it?

If you were playing baseball, you wouldn't step up to the plate and spend 5 minutes talking about how Babe Ruth could do a better job, would you? No! You'd step up and give it your best swing.

Preachers should do the same. Prepare thoroughly at home, and deliver without hesitation in the pulpit. If you're behind the pulpit, that means you're the one appointed for that time. There is no one else. Stand and deliver.

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