Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What if Burger King Ditched the Whopper?

I enjoyed the following, even laughed out loud once or twice:

Did you see how people reacted? Did you see the disbelief, the anger?

Did you understand their reaction? After all, what is a Burger King without a Whopper? (Even though I don't eat Whoppers, I can empathize with those that do.)

We see the same stuff in church sometimes.

People think:

  • What is worship without hymns, or song books, or ...?
  • What is Sunday School without prayer requests, or flannel graphs, or ...?
  • What is church without stained glass, a pipe organ, or back-breaking wooden pews?
Is it OK for them to think that way? Sure! Why wouldn't it be? If it's OK to be disturbed over a Whopper, it should be OK for other things, even church stuff.

This doesn't mean church leaders have to pander to every attendee's whim, but leaders should respect, even understand, their emotions.


  1. What happened to the Over the Top drummer boy post?

  2. Sorry about that. I created the post with all the javascript goodies to embed the video, but I found that Blogger strips out the javascript. I deleted that post, but I will add a new one with a link to your blog entry.