Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Email Is Down. What Do I Do?

My email has been down for the past sixteen hours. Not my "home" email -- I use Google's gmail at home, and I am well pleased with it -- but my "work" email. At work, I use MS Outlook which talks to MS Exchange Server handling thousands of users.

When the email is working, I use it as my to-do list. I read through the emails, starting with the most recent, and either respond or let the email sit in the in-box as a reminder to do a task. After responding where needed, I work on the tasks that remain.

But what happens if the email is down? Then I work on the projects I remember. I continue acting on the last instructions I received.

I do the same thing with knee-mail. Sometimes, I have difficulty "connecting" with God. I go through spells where I don't receive any fresh insight or direction. What do I do? I continue to do what I remember. I continue acting on the last instruction I received.

Sometimes we needlessly wonder what God wants us to do now, when all we need to do is keep doing what He already told us.

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